Moses (3.12.23)

Lessons on God's Concern for Details of our Lives

A Message on How to Suffer with Grace & Victory (1.8.23)

Good News for the Weary from the Gospel of Luke (12.24.22)


Daniel 2 with Tom Fleet teaching

Caleb and how to be vital as an older person

Tom Fleet teaches on how to stand strong in a crooked and perverse generation. 

How to love our neighbor as ourselves. 

Teaching on character from Mark chapter 9 on May 21, 2023

Mothers’ Day 2023  May14

A message from Numbers 8 on God’s understanding of retirement. 

Diligence is a godly attribute that we must cultivate to gain godliness.

Dwight Brown on the Sabbath

A Fathers’ Day message from Matthew’s gospel.

Jesus Christ and the Ascension giving the Holy Spirit

Jesus Christ as our Intercessor from the book of Hebrews

The Sabbath with Dwight Brown teaching. 

A message on persevering in times when we feel obscure.

A message about the power of God to convert the worst of sinners.

The generosity of God shown in 2 Samuel 7

The generosity of God shown in 2 Samuel 7