God Loves You and by calling on His Son, Jesus Christ, for the forgiveness of sins, you can go to heaven when you die, escape hell, and know God personally here on earth.

baptismGod, creator of heaven and earth, has a wonderful plan for your life, and wants you to spend eternity with Him in heaven.

Man, however, is sinful and cannot enter God’s presence unless he is forgiven of his sins. The Bible, God’s Word, says, “all have sinned and fall short of God’s glory”. The penalty for sin is death. Death means separation from God. No amount of good works or righteous deeds can remove or cover the sins that separate men from God. You are alive, physically, but, unless you believe Jesus Christ died for you, you are dead spiritually, because you are not forgiven of your sins.

God is Just! God is Holy! No sinful thing will dwell in His presence. God is also Love! He desires to know man and fellowship with Him. God, in the Old Testament, designed the system of sacrifice for the forgiveness of sins. Animals were slain in the place of men to pay the death penalty for sin. The Life of an animal or man is in its blood. The animal’s blood in the Old Testament would be shed for the sin of a man as a sacrifice. This sacrificial practice pointed toward:

The Sacrifice for Sins — Jesus Christ
Jesus committed no sin, yet He died. Why, when He had no sin Himself? He died for your sins! Oh, what Good News! He died and rose from the grave after three days, that we might be forgiven, know God the Father personally, and live in heaven forever when we die. My friend, the only way to heaven and to the forgiveness of sins is through faith in Jesus Christ. Believe He died for you and receive Him today. The alternative is separation from God in the Lake of Fire when you die. Each man, when he dies, goes to heaven or hell for eternity. Please receive Jesus Christ… Be forgiven… and spend Eternity in Heaven!